Sunday, October 31, 2010



Order-to-Cash refers to the Enterprise Resource Planning process which consists of accepting the customer sales through online orders, then fulfilling the order, shipping the product, logistics, generating the invoice, collecting payment for the invoice, updating of inventory, etc. This application is an attempt to create a basic O2C model which may address the needs of a small time seller requiring limited functionalities.



1. When a customer is using the application for the first time, he/she has to register at the site and get a unique Customer Id generated. For the registration, the Zoho username and password will be taken as the login credentials for this application as well. An email is sent to the Customer about the successful registration of his Customer Id.

2. Once registered, the customer may proceed to the Order page and browse for the products available for ordering. The list is retrieved real time from the Inventory database.

3. The customer may then select the quantity he wishes to purchase by entering a value lesser than the current Inventory stock displayed. The order may then be completed by entering other details. An email is sent to the Customer enlisting the type and quantity of products purchased.

4. The order is sent to the Admin for approval, without which, the Customer is unable to pay for the order. This feature enables the Admin to have control on the orders taking place.

5. Once the admin approves it, the Invoice is generated and is visible to the Customer on his page. An email is sent to the Customer with the details of the Invoice. The Customer may make the payment for the order at this stage through his home page.

6. The payment triggers the updation of the Accounts Recievable table and the Cash Ledger table and the Order Status is treated as 'Delivered'.

USER MANUAL:  This User Manual for this application may be accessed at Scribd

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  This application was developed using the Zoho Creator